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Your CashPass program requires no start-up fee. It takes only a couple weeks to bring the program to market, at which point your business will begin to see how it really makes a difference in your customers lives, and yours.

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It's Easy to Get Started.

Choose the card they need
Customers may purchase the temporary card and then automatically receive their personalized card in the mail or they may forgo the temporary card and receive only the personalized CashPass card. All for the same cost.

Receive a PIN at time of purchase
Customers won't have to wait for their Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the mail after purchasing the temporary card. Their PIN will be pre-printed right on the card carrier, allowing each to access their funds at the ATM right away.

Different cards - same PIN
Unlike other programs, cardholders are not required to change their PIN after receiving their personalized CashPass card in the mail. Cardholders can keep their original PIN if they choose to. But they can always change their PIN by calling Customer Service or accessing the CashPass Cardholder website.

Many ways to load value
Give your customers the ability to load their CashPass card over the counter at your location or over the Internet via ACH. In addition, everyone who receives the personalized CashPass Prepaid MasterCard Card can allow their employers to load their card via payroll direct deposit. Many ways to load means more active card accounts, less attrition, and higher customer satisfaction - all resulting in more revenue for your business.