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Cardholder enrollment made easy

Web-based enrollment
All you'll need to enroll cardholders is Internet access. No software to load. No licenses to buy. With CashPass, enrollment is simple and quick.

Cardholder enrollment training
Through the CashPass Network, you'll receive training assistance to make sure you'll be able to enroll cardholders the very first day your distributorship is active in our network.

Marketing Material Reorders
Existing distributors can reorder Marketing Materials quickly and easily with the link above.

Say hello to CashPass.

MasterCard card's first instant issue MasterCard branded retail program. No set up cost, easy to implement, and highest distributor commissions paid.

Imagine being able to offer your customers plastic that will save them money and increase your profits at the same time. CashPass is the new re-loadable Prepaid MasterCard Card, issued by MetaBank™, supported by the entire CashPass Network with your business in mind.

This is the card program you've been waiting for. CashPass is easy to implement and simple to use, providing a valuable cash management tool for your business and a welcome solution for your customers. Imagine being the first to offer them plastic.

Imagine being able to offer you customers a great product that they can use to:

Instantly access anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted and at 1.5 million ATM's worldwide.
Instantly make online purchases, book travel, hotel, and car rentals.
Load funds from a bank account to the CashPass card.
Load their card at any CashPass retail location or reload at thousands of Western Union and In Person Payment locations nationwide.
Streamline spending by having payroll, commissions, disability and government checks (Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, etc.) sent directly to your CashPass card.
Pay any and every bill online, if the payee doesn't accept Debit MasterCard we will send a paper check on the customer's behalf.
Use their CashPass card as a calling card.